A downloadable Post-Fantasy RPG for Windows

"You taught me that the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of Tyrants...tonight, the blood of tyrants will rain from the sky..."

In the year 264 AGF, a group of radical nationalists seize control of the quiet town of Limbon, taking hostages and executing the local leader. Soon, the terrorists' plans stand revealed as far bigger than anything anyone could have imagined, and the entire world teeters on the brink of chaos and destruction.

As Secret Agent Maxwell Asche, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the occupied town, rescue the hostages, and neutralize the terrorists. Your familiarity with the group and their leader makes you the ideal agent for this mission. You and your allies must conquer dangerous foes, uncover hidden secrets of a forgotten world, and make sense of your own mystifying dreams if you want to save the world...

Just remember: things are never quite as they appear...


-Take control of four different party members, each of their own unique abilities, in FFX-like CTB battles.

-No Random Encounters, No problem! Each and every encounter in the game is hand-made and scripted for maximum challenge and enjoyment. The age of grinding and random encounters is over.

-Experience a gripping, multi-layered story set in a unique post-fantasy world that promises to challenge your expectations and assumptions as much as the gameplay challenges your wits and strategies.

-Engage with complex characters that refuse to be defined simply as good and evil - this is a world of moral ambiguity and conspiracy, where nothing is as it seems.

-Introducing Story Mode: For players less interested in the gameplay as they are in the story, or simply don't have time for an 8-10 hour RPG experience, Story Mode halves the playtime and focuses solely on the game's story, cutting almost all the encounters and combat in the game.

This game is a thematic sequel to my first completed project, DUST, but knowledge of that game is not necessary to enjoy this one.

This game is made in RPGMaker, so if that is a deal breaker, fair enough, but I do urge you to give it a shot, as I feel the story crafted here is something special.


ASHES 1.2.zip 367 MB